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Award Committee 2017:
Prof. Guanming Chen, China
Prof. R.E. Critoph, UK         Prof. Reinhard Radermacher, USA
Prof. Dr. Alberto Coronas, Spain    Prof. Kioshi Saito, Japan

Background and Purpose of the Award

The Georg Alefeld Award was established to honor and commemorate Professor Dr. Georg Alefeld (1933-1995) - a researcher, educator and author who has made outstanding contributions to the field of absorption heat pumping technologies. The Award shall be bestowed at every International Sorption Heat Pump Conference (about three-year interval) to an individual who meets the qualifications set forth in a Charter and who is selected by the Georg Alefeld Award Committee.


Qualification of the Award Recipient and Basis for the Award

The Award shall be granted for outstanding scientific or engineering contributions and eminent achievements in the field of sorption heat pumping technology. These contributions should yield a deeper insight into physical phenomena involved or should yield significant technological advances. In addition to research, the Award Recipient should have made outstanding contributions to the field through teaching, or design, or a combination of such activities.



All nominations for the Award shall be third party nominations, that is, self-nominations shall not be accepted. Members of the professional community at large are eligible including members of the Organizing and S&T Committees of the International Sorption Heat Pump Conference. A person who nominates an individual shall furnish a completed nomination form along with a written justification, and should solicit additional letters of support from other professionals, as he sees applicable. Nomination forms are available from the individuals of the Award Committee or from the chairman (email R.E.Critoph@warwick.ac.uk).


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The Award


The Award shall consist of a bronze plaque, an honorarium of US $1000, a certificate, the waiver of conference registration fee, the banquet dinner for the awardee and his/her spouse. The Award recipient shall be required to prepare a written paper and present a lecture at the International Sorption Heat Pump Conference. The paper shall be a critical and state-of-the-art review of the sorption heat pump technology subject selected by the recipient. This state-of-the-art review shall be presented as a special lecture at the Conference, referred to as the Georg Alefeld Memorial Lecture. The written paper (after a peer review process for improving the quality of the paper and not for acceptance criteria) shall be published as part of the Proceedings of the Conference at which the Award is presented.