August 27th-29th, 2020
Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka, Japan


In view of the recent situations related to COVID-19, the Local Organizing Committee has decided with great regret to cancel the ConMat'20 6th International Conference on Construction Materials.

As an alternative course of action and in response to requests from many contributors, we will publish a collection of accepted papers as conference proceedings in September, provided that the authors wish their papers to be included in the publication.


The following papers were selected as Best Papers by the Scientific Committee.

Repair effect of realkalisation for reinforced concrete with different degree of deterioration
Authors: Hiroshi Takahashi, Takao Ueda, Akira Nanasawa, Kazuhide Nakayama, and Masayuki Tsukagoshi
Numerical assessment of prestressed concrete bridge suffered from chloride attack
Authors: Yasushi Tanaka, Kenta Takeda, Hiroaki Ito, Takuya Ohtani, Kiyotaka Toishi, , and Norio Higuchi
Evaluation of durability of concrete used for wave dissipating block based on filed survey
Authors: Toru Yamaji, Masafumi Miyata, Kenzo Kumagai, Mitsuyasu Iwanami, Tomotsuka Takayama, Naruaki Hisada, and Kojiro Suzuki
Corrosion mechanism of steel in concrete
Authors: Satoshi Takaya, Shinichi Satoh, Yohei Hamura, Takashi Yamamoto, and Toyoaki Miyagawa
Investigation on cathodic protection range of sacrificial zinc anode for RC structure deteriorated by chloride induced corrosion
Authors: Takahiro Yoshida, Youhei Kotani, Yoshihiko Watanabe, Norikazu Nomura, and Satoshi Aramaki
Resistance against fatigue loading of precast PC deck slab with the improved loop joint
Authors: Shigetada Hatakeyama, Shinichi Hino, Hidenori Hamada, Yasutaka Sagawa, Yuji Sato, Syusaku Kawabe, and Mamoru Masaki
A simple analytical model for capillary imbibition in the pore with sudden contraction
Authors: Yuya Kaneuji and Tamotsu Kuroda
Recycling and heavy metal immobilization of waste incineration ash by geopolymer production
Authors: Ryusei Kondo, Zhuguo Li, and Ko Ikeda
Diagonal compression test of the brick masonry reinforced on the surface with steel plates or RC walls
Authors: Chhabi Mishra, Kentaro Yamaguchi, Keisuke Araki, and Toshihiko Ninakawa
Analytical method for determining the most sustainable concrete mix based on regional characteristics in Japan
Authors: Nicole Alexis Vios, Michael Henry, and Joel Opon
Meso-macro simulations of ice-strengthening effect in meso-cracks induced by frost damage
Authors: Zhao Wang, Fuyuan Gong, and Tamon Ueda
Contribution of alkali-silica reaction gel on time-dependent mechanical properties of concrete
Authors: Yuya Takahashi, Yusuke Okano, and Zhehui Yang
Do you believe shrinkage-induced degradation of shear tension strength in reinforced concrete beams?
Authors: Ryoichi Sato, Hajime Kawakane, Hikotsugu Hyodo, Kenichiro Nakarai, and Kenji Kawai
Mechanized construction of super flat concrete slab
Authors: Ryosuke Saito, Yoshiaki Takemoto, Yutaro Fukase, and Yoshiki Muramatsu
Impact of relative humidity on carbonation shrinkage and microstructure of hardened cement paste
Authors: Yuya Suda, Jun Tomiyama, Tsuyoshi Saito, and Tatsuhiko Saeki
Impact of aggregate properties on the relationship between the degree of dryness and drying shrinkage strain
Authors: Chizuru Kiyohara, Kei-ichi Imamoto, Yoshiaki Sato, and Toshihiro Otani
Modelling FRP-strengthened beam-column joints in performance assessment of RC frames
Authors: Vahid Sadeghian, Mark Tanyous, and Sepideh Mirshekar


Construction industries are big contributors to resource consumption and CO2 emissions. As resource scarcity and global warming are becoming more and more pressing issues for humanity, new demands have arisen. Construction materials now need new, innovative performance features in addition to further improvement of conventional performance characteristics.

The primary objective of ConMat'20 is to create an environment of mutual cooperation and active dialogue among experts, through which significant cross-fertilization of ideas can occur and innovations can be brought about in construction materials. ConMat'20 attempts to build on the successes of the first five conferences in Ottawa, Canada (1997), San Jose, USA (2001), Vancouver, Canada (2005), Nagoya, Japan (2009) and Whistler, Canada (2015).
Come and be a part of this unique experience.


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