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【Oral】Technology Aspects

  • Research of collision safety testing method of hydrogen cylinder for a fuel cell drone
  • Safety 2.0 Conformity Registration Program for the future human-centered society
  • Dynamic Risk Concept for Collaborative Safety
  • Challenges and chances in next-generation industrial communication with OPC UA Safety
  • Cyberattack: which are the impacts for occupational health and safety and more specifically for machine safety?
  • New Global Trends in Safety and Anshin Innovated by Technology and Management, and Initiative to Establish the Framework of International Standardization
  • Safety approaches for autonomous mobile machines
  • Advanced use of sensor data in autonomous industrial vehicle
  • Achieving Worker Well-Being through the Introduction of Collaborative Safety and Safety2.0 in the Construction Field
  • A study on safety of collaborative systems by assistive autonomous mobile robots using deep learning
  • Development of Operator Avoidance System to Achieve Safety and Productivity in a Coexistent and Collaborative Working Environment of Humans and Machines
  • COVR Using Robotics Users' Feedback to update the Toolkit and Validation Protocols for Cross domain Safety of Collaborative Robotics
  • AI algorithms within machinery: safety issue
  • Development of New Emergency Stop Methods Essential for Improvement of Safety and Productivity in Collaborative Safety and Safety2. 0 Systems and Application Examples
  • New risks related to characteristics of artificial intelligence
  • Lessons learned from the integration of a collaborative robotics application
  • The effective approach to achieve safe interactive applications
  • Safety concept for a vision-based obstacle detection for automated in-plant vehicle movements
  • Safety2.0 Technology in Support of Collaborative Safety

【Oral】Human and Management Aspects

  • Safety Officer Certification System targeting at the management layer and employee relevant to the safety
  • Behavior-Based Safety in unusual settings
  • Risk Assessment Tool and Prevention through Design for Confined Space Entries: an Approach based on Safety of Machinery
  • Introduction of Task Analysis Table Based on Behaviour-Based Safety for Safer and Optimized Work with Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Introduction and Utilization Example of Robot Safety Assessor Qualification System, Safety Qualification System, for Manufacturing Site Using Robots
  • Safety checklist for patients with spinal cord injury and helpers using exoskeleton
  • Restraint-free physical assistance robot: new challenges for the prevention of work related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Research on Safety Confirmation and Work Permits for Diversifying Manufacturing - For Well-being of Workers
  • Standardization for certification of personnel competence for machinery safety
  • Initiatives of Vision Zero that improved Safety, Health and Well-being
    at Manufacturing Sites

【Poster】Technology Aspects

  • Development of an electric fire prevention system using anomaly detection method with on-device machine learning
  • Industry of the Future: issues for occupational safety and health related to flexibility of production systems and to digitisation of data
  • Fault tolerance in machine safety
  • Working Situation reference model for Risk analysis of automated assembly line s drifts
  • Simultaneous achievement of productivity, safety, and well-being improvement at manufacturing sites through the utilization of tablet computers with Safety SUI
  • Proposed Testing Method for Fall Sign Detecting Function Designed for Wearable Walking Support Devices
  • A Study on 3D Safety Sensor with Robustness
  • Risk Assessment of "GUNDAM" and Mechanical System with Height of 18 meters and Weight of 165 tons based on Machinery Safety
  • A Study of Impact Test for Falling Unmanned Aerial Vehicl
  • Basic Consideration on Implementation Support of Risk Assessment for Machinery
  • Dynamic simulation of emergency stop of two industrial robots for safety purpose
  • Development of safety functions for collaboration system with human workers and robots in automobile production field
  • 79GHz-band Radar Sensor in Human Hand Detection as A Safety Related Sensor
  • Comparison and homogenization of safety measurements for collaborative robots

【Poster】Human and Management

  • Development of Risk Assessment Procedures for Small and Medium Size Enterprises
  • Introduction of Japan's own OSHMS standards, including ISO 45001
  • Quantitative Measurement of Safety Distances of Reach Folk Lift at an Indoor Workplace by a Procedure of Behaviour-Based Safety